Photography and Documentary usually refers to snapping pictures and making the memories out of it. This is a special package and is designed for those trekkers and mountaineers who wish to visit some of the famous places of this country and want to make a documentary video of it. Nepal is a paradise to the trekkers and mountaineers as one can explore and see some of the majestic things of the world. If you love trekking in the Himalayas and want to explore the unique and ancient lifestyle of people, then Nepal is the ultimate option for you.

As most of the landscapes of our country are dramatic, this is a perfect destination for doing the photography and documentary. Some of the famous Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies are shot in this country. We and our team are capable of providing media related objectives and we personally help you in making documentary and shooting some of the iconic photographs for you. We offer some of the most cheapest and easiest documentary making packages to the visitors and one can get an opportunity to be a part of the documentary.