As people and families are much busy with their own schedule in today’s life, they aren’t able to give much of their time to their families and friends. We and our team have designed a special package for the families where they can rest or have some fun time in the villages and local places of our country. This package is especially designed for families and a group of friends as they can enjoy their time with the mother nature away from their cell phones and busy laptops. You will be taken to some of the local and remote villages where you can see and feel the beauty of mother nature charming you and your personality.

One can get an opportunity to view some of the most isolated and remote villages of our country also with luxurious home stays and local living opportunities. You will get an opportunity to experience the local living of people on village areas with your family as you will be living in the ancient home stays and local villages. This package allows the visitors an opportunity to cope and interact with the local villagers and fully relax their body and soul.

Homestays are one of the most rewarding lodging options as you will be living in a local family and get an opportunity to explore and also be a part of their local living style. One can get an opportunity to explore their cultures and lifestyle and also at a very short duration of time. This package is designed especially for the families so that they can stay and spend some time together but also on the other hand you will be experiencing some of the majestic experiences of your entire life. You will be learning how to speak with the local and native villagers, their lifestyle, cultures and daily activities. Feel free to be a part of this exotic package and have a good time with your family in the local villages and homestays of our country.