Nepal Far West Region Trekking, where trekkers and adventurer will certainly enjoy the fascinating areas around hidden areas of Nepal towards remote and isolated country exploring the undisturbed and pristine villages and its terrain. Nepal Far West Region Trekking remains as least visited areas due to its remoteness away from main city-towns and villages on least accessible route to reach these amazing destinations around Nepal Far and Wild West.

We have lined and designed great programs for all types of trekkers to enjoy and take delights in our wide range of itineraries on Nepal Far West Region Trekking series includes Upper Mustang, Around Dhaulagiri, Upper and Lower Dolpo for your interest with an amazing adventure around least frequented areas of Himalaya by other main flow of trekkers and explorer. Truly an awesome country to visit in our classic adventure of lifetime experience around Nepal Far Western Himalaya Region Trekking with great facilities and services of complete camping units supported by expert guides and staff to make your journey enjoyable and worth-while.