Annapurna Himalaya region trekking, one of the most picturesque country in whole Himalaya range and probably in this planet, an amazing place to be once in your lifetime to experience its beautiful landscapes of mountains-green hills-enchanting forest and cultural mountain village with daily views of snow-capped peaks. Where in this world that one can reach at the base of world’s highest mountains within less frame of time like 4-5 days, and in the comfort of nice, cozy lodges where rooms faces stunning views of high mountains.

Annapurna Himalaya region, no doubt a great scenic country where some of its trekking areas like Annapurna base camp and Annapurna Circuit listed as world’s top ten adventure destinations. As Annapurna Himalaya region offers you wide range of adventure and cultural destinations from moderate-adventurous to demanding trekking, of few days hike to a week or more where you can enjoy its beautiful and amazing landscapes and immersing with local village culture on walks around Annapurna Himalaya.

We have wide range of programs to fit as per your interest and duration in Nepal, where walk leads you on main popular scenic route to hidden pockets of Annapurna Himalaya region, a great destination for all types of visitors and trekkers.