Trekking peaks of Nepal Himalaya, truly a great massive range of mountains to explore and climb around world’s highest country enclosed with array of giant and mighty peaks from above 8,000 m, 7,000 m to above and below 6,000 m peaks which is listed as trekking peaks.

Trekking peaks of Nepal Himalaya with wide-range of lesser mountains to climb from little above 6,500 m to lesser above 5,800 m peaks considered as trekking peaks by NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association).

An adventure where all types of interested trekkers-climbers and mountaineers can join in as well for beginners in climbing, as trekking peaks of Nepal offers varied peaks where most of the popular trekking peaks located within Nepal Mid-East around Everest region and Mid-West around Annapurna Himalaya.

The closest Himalayan range is Langtang Himal from the capital Kathmandu, where trekkers and keen mountaineers can climb peaks of Nepal from a week to two week duration or more.

Trekking Peaks with Grading System for the climb as PD-TD or F which comes from French and Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification Systems which is popular and used all over the world for alpine climb of a day or more, which you can find in our peaks programs.

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