One of the common question asked by travelers is “When is the best time to visit in Nepal?”

The peak season to travel to Nepal is Autumn, from late September to end November when the weather is clear and dry. During that time, the weather is neither too cold in high hill nor too hot in plain region/Terai.

However, Nepal celebrates diverse geography and climatic variations and the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic scenario calls for travelers almost all year round.

If you are planning to visit Nepal, at first you have to be clear about the purpose of your visit. Collect proper information about area of your interests. Look for reliable agency/company and prepare well. Then you can visit Nepal any time of the year- in any season.

Best time to visit in Nepal for travel enthusiasts like you:

Seasonal Highlights:

Spring: Spring season continues in Nepal from March till May. The temperature is about 22℃ with slight rainfalls at night and clear skies in the morning. This is the time for new buds and flower blossoms.

You can enjoy adventure activities like Paragliding, Bunjee, Rafting, Trekking in spring weather. Rhododendron blossoms with exuberant beauty in the high hill will leave you spellbound. It is one of the major tourist seasons in Nepal.

Summer: Summer continues in Nepal from June till August and temperature is 30℃. It is the time of monsoon rain in Nepal and a season of farming.

You can enjoy paddy plantations during this time of the year. Spectacular views of lush and green hills washed by rainwater are soothing to look at.

Autumn: Autumn is the time from September to November with temperatures ranging from 10℃ to 25℃. It is the pleasantest time for celebrating biggest Hindu festival Dashain and Tihar.

During this season of paddy harvest, nature ripens in yellow. It is the time after monsoon rain washes the whole surrounding. You can enjoy panoramic mountain views during this time. It is the popular trek season in Nepal where the sky is clear, blue and the weather clear.

Winter: The chill winter lasts from December to February. And the temperature falls down below 0℃. It is the dry season with bare hills and mountains. Midwinter offers the clearest view of snow-capped mountains. But the temperature at high altitude is low and least visitors.

If you are planning to visit Nepal during Christmas, you can plan the tour to the central valley or to Pokhara. Or, you can go on short tours like Ghandruk, Ghorepani and Namche Bazaar Trek. Or, easy treks like Chisapani Nagarkot trek, treks around Kathmandu Valley. Besides, if you can tolerate extreme cold then mountains are always calling you.

Purpose of your visit:

Religious & Cultural Tours: (Suitable for all Season)

Nepal has many religious and places. Nepalese celebrate different festivals and religious ceremonies almost all year round. Also, there are many religious spouts like Pashupatinath, Swyambhunath, Baudhanath in the valley. And Muktinath, Janaki temple, Lumbini, Pathivara, Gosaikunda etc outside the valley. These places add merriment to the travelers and answer their religious quests.

If you are planning for places inside Kathmandu, you can visit any time of the year. You can also pay a visit to historical palaces inside the valley. You can reach the places in short time, can ride in good roads.

To visit religious places of Terai you need not bother about the season of the visit. You can visit anytime except in summer.

Or, if you wish to travel to Muktinath, Mustang then you should plan for either Spring or Autumn. In other season, the extreme climate leads to difficulty in travel.

For difficult tours, you can plan to travel Gosaikunda. The end of February to June or the beginning of September to December are the best seasons to visit Gosaikunda. But if you are an adventure lover, you can visit the place in winter too. The time when the lake turns into ice.

Also, if you wish to witness different cultural practices of the valley, you can visit any time of the year. For that, you have to be specific about which celebration you want to observe. People celebrate different events. The Newar celebrate- Bisket Jatra in April, Indra Jatra in September inside the valley. The Terai people observe Chhat in November. The major celebrations of the Upper Mustang- Tiji festival in May.

You can join these celebrations and a pay visit different temples, monasteries. You can very proceedings right in front of you.

Trekking: Spring & Autumn

The topography and climatic situation of Nepal is not the same everywhere. With the change in altitude, the climate changes. So does the environmental situation. This change affects trekking in Nepal. Treks range from higher altitudes, mountains, high hills or easy treks.

If you are planning to trek in high mountains then September to November is the best season for trekking. Or you can plan to visit in March to May, another best trekking season. During these months you can plan to go on longer treks or mountain expeditions. The weather is clear and the mountain view clear during this time.

You have different choices before you pack your bags for trekking. You can choose Everest, Annapurna or Kanchanjunga region for your memorable trek. Or, to add difficulty, you can go to Makalu, Langtang, Manaslu and Ganesh himal region. It will be wise if you choose either Spring or Autumn for these treks. You will encounter other travelers on your route in the temperate weather.

But if you are planning for Summer, trekking is difficult due to the worst road situation. Instead, you can trek to desert parts of Nepal like Mustang, Nar-Phu valley and Dolpo region. These places are behind the Himalayas where you can enjoy summer trekking. As these places have no rainfall.

In winter you can go on treks to lower elevations. Like Ghorepani Poon Hill, Royal Trail around Pokhara, Dhampus and Helambu trek. In this season, the temperature is colder but you can enjoy clear views with fewer crowds.

Yet, the temperature won’t stop you from pursuing your dream. If you dare to, you can trek to your desired places at any time of the year.

Hiking around the valley: (Suitable for all season)

A high altitude mountain trek is popular among travelers. Besides this, you can also go for short and easy hikes around the valley. We have different hike routes around the valley for a shorter time. You need not worry if you are unable to go on mountain treks. Instead, you can enjoy treks around the valley.

The hillocks surrounding Kathmandu are perfect for short and easy hikes. The different hike routes- Champadevi, Chandragiri, Nagarjuna- Jamacho, Shivapuri, Changunarayan, Nagarkot, Ranikot and Dhulikhel. Since the temperature around the valley is similar, you can visit these places any time of the year. But, you have to be careful of leeches and earthworms during Rainy seasons.

Honey Hunting: It is the real and daring activity of the local Gurung and Magar community in different places. Honey hunters hang themselves in ropes and bamboo ladders in cliffs to collect honey.

Are you planning to witness this exciting act? You can visit during Autumn or Spring for this adventurous act. Not only you witness this act but you can also taste the nectar. The popular honey hunting places in Nepal are Bhujung, Pasgaon, Dhading and Jharlang. Except for Bhujung Ghalegaun, a special package for honey hunting is not developed yet. On your way to different trek routes, you can enjoy this activity.

Jungle Wildlife Tours: Mountains and hills are famous for trekking. Jungle wildlife tour is famous in the dense forest areas of Terai. It involves the closer glances of the Plain region/Terai of Nepal.

Do you wish for Jungle Safari and wildlife tours along with bird watching? You can visit different national parks- Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park and Khaptad National Park. Or, you can go hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve for wildlife view. March, April, September, October, November, and December are the best month for this tour in Nepal. In this tour, you can travel to lush forests, lakes, wetlands. On the way, bird watching, sightseeing are a bonus to your tour.

In this tour, you will see different species of Flora and Fauna. It will vary depending on the destination you choose.

In Chitwan National Park you will see one-horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial Crocodile and many others. You can visit the place from February to May. But thousands of tourists visit the place all year round. You can take part in elephant bathing, riding and visit breeding centers.

Koshi Tappu is famous for Bird watching, Arna (wild water Buffalo). You can visit the place all year round except July to September- wet months. You can see the exotic habitats of rare wildlife in this national park.

Bardia National Park is home to Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Blue Bulls, Black Buck and Wild Boars. You can visit the place from Mid- September until mid- December and the start of February until the end of May.

Also, Khaptad National Park specializes in 567 species of Flora. Chir Pine- Rhododendron forest, Oak forest, and Alder forest covers the major area of the National Park. The place is a home for animals like Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear and Musk deer. You can visit the place in Autumn and Spring, in the mild climate. You can get a closer sight of different rivers, rivulets, and pastures.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal. The place consists of forests, marshland and flat meadows. snow leopard, musk deer, red panda, and blue sheep. You can visit the place from March to June and can hunt too, but before you have to complete some formalities.

Paragliding: Do you dream of flying over the hills under vast blue mountains? Or do you dream of flying with birds? If yes, Nepal offers an exotic experience of Paragliding to you. In Pokhara, you can feed birds, floating over valleys, monasteries, lakes, and jungles.

You can get Paragliding services from different Paragliding companies. But it is a weather dependent sport, you can glide in good weather only. The peak season of Paragliding is September/ October/ November and February/ March. But you can experience it from September to early June.

New paragliding spots are in the valley these days. Phulchoki paragliding is among those. If you do not have enough time to visit Pokhara, you can feel the gliding experience in Kathmandu as well.

Rafting: Nepal is a country of rivers and rivulets. There are many fast-flowing rivers that have a high possibility of rafting. You get exotic, adventurous water experiences in the natural setting while rafting.

There are different rivers where you can raft. Bhotekoshi, Sunkoshi, Trishuli, Kali Gandaki, and Seti are majors. September and October is the best time for white water rafting in Nepal. But, if you are a beginner then you can visit from July to August when water levels are lower.

Bhotekoshi rafting is among the adventurous and short white water rafting in Nepal. It is the steepest river to a raft. If you are an adventure lover then it’s the best rafting trip to you.

Planning a trip to Nepal and need help?

Feel free to share your travel expectations and planning. We are a mail away from you to make your visit memorable here at Nepal. We promise to design your trip with our best travel guides.

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